Adonai Music Academy


Our mission is to expose children to the Arts in creating, writing, listening and performance of music. We develop and guide their inner ear and to give structure to their musical creativity. We also learn them to play simple to complex music instruments from the triangle to violin. The study and practicing of the music science is to become aware of the concept of patience and discipline and to synchronize students in team building activities such as orchestral or group playing.


Our vision is that children across our land, from every culture may be expose to music and may know how it works and is able to productively apply the knowledge inside and outside school. We want to discover the hidden music talents amongst our children to hand over the banner of music for generations to come.

About us:


– Recording Studio

– Composition

– Performermance

– Accompaniying

– Orchestral Conducting

– Transcription

– Translation

– Piano Tuning

– Music Technology, Theory, Practical Teaching

Biography of Jayson Frank Witbooi

Jayson Frank Witbooi is from Oudtshoorn Western Cape South Africa and has been studying music as early as 8 years of age. In 1998 on Calitzdorp High School he started his formal training underneath mrs. T Thompson. During this year Jayson started with writing of his first informal compositions in writing poetry and music for Recorder. The next year he went and studied Music as his main at Oudtshoorn High School underneath the guidance of Elmine Bester and Rina Meijer.

 In the year 2000 Jayson started with Harmony classes underneath Mr. Danie Bester who graduated at Stellenbosch with a Bmus degree. Jayson received class in Basic Music Harmony instruction. During 2000-2002 Jayson have written 3 main and essential books that set the base and foundation of his composition career which is the Embarkation, The 7 Composition Book Collection and The Historian. Each of these books have a different fundamentalist concept that is being communicated to the performer and the student.

During this years he has also written many other works such as

– 5 concert cantatas,

– 7 Recorder and Piano sonatas,

– 3 ensemble works,

– 4 Opuses

– Many hymns

– 6 Recorder Concertos

– Suites

– and 1 symphony ,…and many more works in various classical Genres.

Jayson did not write this great variety of works because it was part of the curriculum of his time, but he wrote it as test to see how will what he have learned be practically and laterally implemented and if he will be able to write such magnitudes of works on a 15- 18 year old mind. 

Part of what he learned from Bester is mind methodic for music composition and bassi conti which derive from Bach and Beethoven. This technique Witbooi implemented to write whole works and collections as mind exercises and not coming near a piano. One Example of this is The 7 Bagatelle Recorder Sonatas for recorder consortium. This work where also written for Witbooi’s Recorder students on that stage which where from various back grounds and cultures. This can also be seen in the 3 Books which were written in the time  of the Historian, which reflect the diverse South African Culture so clearly, is the seed and basis for all the works from 2003 onward.

In 2003 it became intention to share the wealth of knowledge gained by teaching and experience to the outside world, the world outside school and church environment. This intention gave rise to a lot of programs, movements and initiatives which also gave rise to new compositions and books to be written. Part of this were the slow dawning of the technology age where Witbooi composed and transcribed electronically and in 2008 edited and transferred the pencil scripts to its electronic version. During this time the demand for a music school in his immediate environment were on the rise. The music notation software was a needed tool to aid to the rising request of performances for art galleries, divine services and festivals. Some of the presentations of Witbooi and past events can be seen on youtube ( ).

A lot of hardships and winds blew against the publication of Witbooi’s Composition Repertoire, a lot of precious works went lost between the years of 2008 to 2010. Adding on companies and institutions that turn Witbooi down to perform, teach or publish his works  and the works of his students with simple, ill explained and unreasonable excuses.

This forced Witbooi to change a lot of approaches in business, ensemble compilation and composition. A new ara started and from 2011 Witbooi changed his symphonic  group performances to the trio/ensemble cabaret movements. In the same year Witbooi first Publication of a third of His Composition Repertoire published on Score Exchange (  ). With contrasting suprises the Witbooi Choir Music and Technological approaches of teaching find its way to the University Choir Competition Stages in Wellington University in the Western Cape South Africa.

In 2012 Witbooi’s Music was performed all over the World and got downloaded paid and unpaid. While this looked and seemed glamorous Witbooi fell into financial Ruin and start turn to a whole different field to survive and support himself. In 2013 Witbooi went back to college and start studying Early Childhood development, Sound Engineering, Marketing. He enrolled into learnerships which he earned stipendium. The market and economy of the Oudtshoorn rejected most of Witbooi’s activity as teacher and composer.

In 2016 the school network realized his potential and ask him to venture into the home school niche, which bring about new books to be written and a physical publication to take place, old students form 2008 appeared which help to analyzed old works and new works for the second publication. This yielded new people of influence to enter in on the second publication.

In July 2016 Witbooi got Descorverd by HeinoTorlage, a gifted and driven man which toured with His group through the Western Cape. Torlage heard the various approaches and styles Witbooi presented and decided then and there that this was the man Torlage wanted on his team not knowing of all Witbooi’s ups and downs, various gifts in various disciplines or his diversity of

– singing 4 voices, playing

– Violin

– Viola

– Cello

– Silver flute

– Recorder

– Clarinet

– Guitar

–  Piano

–  Organ

–  Trumpet

– Harmonica

– Timpanium

-. Harp

 Currently working at Adonai Music Academy (Pty)Ltd. ( ) as a:

– Recording artist and Studio Manager

– Choir Leader

– Composer

– Performer

– Accompanist

– Instrumentalist and Orchestral Conductor

– New Music Academy Executive

– Marketing and Public relations officer

– Transcriber

– Translator

– Piano Tuner

– Music Technology, Theory, Practical Teacher