Adonai Music Academy

Class Fee:

1. Live Sessions R990 per term

2. Online Classes (National) R450 (ZAR) per month

3. Online Classes (International) $75 (USD) per month


Music Instrumental Classes includes:

-30 minute Practical instrument class
-Music Listening (Aural)
-Music Sight reading
-Music Theory Activities


Music Theory Classes includes:

-Music Alphabet Reading

-Lines and Spaces of the Music staff

-Note reading on the staff

-Note writing

-Time, key and clef signatures


To Book classes contact:

Heidi +27763012954


Payment Details:

South African Students: Contact Mrs. Heidi Heyns


International Students:

Paypal address: 



A) Jayson Frank Witbooi

Basic Personal InfoDataRemarks
1NameJayson Frank
3Id840811 5079 086Mix Raced
4Birth PlaceOudtshoornWestern Cape Province
5CitizenshipSouth Africa  
6First LanguageAfrikaansFluent
7Secondary LanguagesEnglishFluent  Speech and Writing
8Basic Education and Training-Matric2002- Complete
  -Music Practical Piano Grade 08, Trinity College2017- Complete
  -Music Theory and Composition Grade 08, ABRSM2017- Complete

B) Heidi Heyns

 Basic Personal InfoDataRemarks
3Id700115 0238 088 
 Place OriginElisrasLimpopo Province
4CitizenshipSouth Africa 
5First LanguageAfrikaans and EnglishFluent
6Secondary LanguagesEnglishFluent  Speech and Writing
6Basic Education and Training-Matric Completed  1989
  Music Theory Gr.  5 ABRSMCompleted 2017
  Busy with piano Gr. 8 practical